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Known as Holy Wood, Palo Santo is a rosy, sweet-smelling wood that only grows in South America. Similar to Sage, it's used as a smudging tool, and can energetically clear just about anything. Use it to cleanse the negative energy from a person, place and/or crystal. Or to carry your prayers to the Angels above.


The Your Intention Palo Santo Stick is hand-engraved by psychic/medium Espirito Gato with the word/phrase of your choosing (18 characters maximum) using a wood burner. Measuring in at 3.5" - 4" in length, the stick is Reiki-charged to further amplify your desired intention. Includes basic smudging prayer and how to smudge at-a-glance.


Here are a few suggested intentions (Feel free to create your own):

  • Bless This House
  • Bless Your New Home
  • Cleanse My Heart
  • Cleanse My Chakras
  • Clearing The Air
  • Clear All Blocks
  • Hear My Prayers
  • Open To New Love
  • Protect This Space


Note: This is for 1x Personalized Palo Santo Stick. Please allow an extra 48 hours for your order to be processed/shipped as this is a custom item. Personalized items cannot be returned unless defective/damaged. A 4-pack is also available on the site for $19.95.

Your Intention Palo Santo Stick

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