The Cat and Raven Exclusive

Do you walk the Path of the Shaman? Or does the Path call to you? Then, you might be interested in our Shaman Healing Stones. These lovely sets arrive in a decortive zippered pouch, and each includes 4x flat stones and an eagle totem animal. The totem is Opalite, and the flat stones are Quartz and Obsidian OR Shungite. Each of the flat stones have been engraved with a shamanic healing symbol by psychic/medium Espirito Gato. They're ideal for use in prayer work and/or shamanic healings. 


Shamanic Symbols:

  • Dame-Dame (Focus)
  • Sacred Flame (Empowerment)
  • Spiral Sun (Healing)
  • 3 Eagle Feathers (Purification)

Shaman Healing Stones (Set)

SKU: CARE00000004