Originally based in Norse mythology, the Futhark Runes are a classic system for divination and magickal energy work. These mysterious symbols each represent aspects of nature and the world we live in. By learning their individual meanings, they can be used to gain insight into questions, discover deeper wisdom within, and be used to help bring about positive changes in ones life.The key is in understanding their significance, and how it applies to any situation.


Living Magick’s Runes Learning Cards help to do just that in a simple “flash card” deck. Each card bears one of the Rune symbols on one side and its meanings & associations on the other. There are 25 runes in all, including the more modern addition of the “Wyrd” or “Blank” Rune. Each card provides the following information for the specific symbol:


The name of each Rune ~ The pronunciation ~ The theme or concept represented

Related Keywords & Phrases ~ The Reversed meaning (for those that have one)

Types of ritual working the Rune is appropriate for


In addition to the information set of flash cards, there is also a second set of the cards included with just the Rune symbol on one side and a blank tablet image on the other to use for doing readings without needing a separate rune set. Use these cards to by themselves or in connection with a set of clay, stone, or other runes to perform readings or “castings” as they are properly called.


Eliminate the need to refer back and forth to a book with the meanings right on the card! You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn to interpret the symbols and become very proficient with this system.

Rune Learning Cards

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