Gain VIP status! Enjoy exclusive perks. And special savings with this Annual Membership for Espirito Gato (The Cat). Benefits of the Inner Circle Club include:

  • 10% OFF all classes, events + services with Espirito
  • Quarterly Mini Prayer Boxes (4 in total)
  • Birthday Mini Mystery Box
  • Private Group on Facebook
  • Member Only Events + Savings
  • Plus! Add Session Time with Member Only Packages


You will be prompted to download a pdf file which outlines your membership benefits & perks.Your membership begins upon purchase, and runs for a period of 1-year. Memberships DO NOT auto renew. You will be sent an e-mail with renewal options at the end of your membership period.

Membership: Espirito Gato's Inner Circle

SKU: GCM0000009DP