These rare, premium quality, large Epidote Tumbled Stones are a sight to behold. They have a semi-rough finish which helps to bring out the stone's inner beauty; many of which have cracks and crevices exposing the dark, sparkly green crystals within. Add one (or more) to your collection today. Price is per stone. And upon ordering, we'll intuitively select just the right one(s) for you!



Epidote increases perception and interaction with spiritual beings, and brings spiritual growth. Crystal healers like to work with Epidote for its ability to clear congestion and energy blockages in the physical and subtle bodies. Epidote will help to balance and stabilize the energy flow in the body. Epidote is an excellent stone for attunement with nature and her healing qualities. It puts forth a simple, calming, grounding, “back to Earth” vibration, which is particularly good for those living in a high energy, city setting.

Epidote Tumbled Stones

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