The Cat and Raven Exclusive

Are you a crystal loving, chakra balancing, high vibin' earth child? Then you're likely to dig Corvus' Chakra Crystals Collection I. These cotton, chakra-colored pouches (3"x4") have been filled with some of Corvus' favorite crystals to work with. Inside your selected pouch, you'll find 2x stones for that chakra + 1x bridge stone. All of the tumbled stones used in this collection have been personally selected, cleansed & charged by Corvus Elderune.  There are seven different pouches to choose from, one for each chakra. They are as follows:


  • Crown: Tourmilinated Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone + Howlite
  • Third Eye: Ametrine, Iolite + Lapis Lazuli
  • Throat: Blue Tigers Eye, Blue Aragonite + Angelite
  • Heart: Vezuvianite, Rose Quartz + Prehnite w/ Epidote
  • Solar Plexus: Sunstone, Citrine + Golden Tigers Eye
  • Sacral: Brecciated Jasper, Orange Calcite + Peach Moonstone
  • Root: Black Amethyst, Apache Tear + Garnet

Corvus Chakra Crystals Collection I (Individual)

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