The Cat and Raven Exclusive

Do you pray and/or work with the Angels? Then, you might be interested in our Archangel Sigil Stones. These lovely sets arrive in a decorative zippered pouch, and each includes 4x flat stones and a small crystal angel. Each of the flat stones have been hand-engraved with the Archangel Sigils by psychic/medium Espirito Gato. They're ideal for use in prayer work, Reiki and/or long distance healing.


Flat Stones:

  • Rose Quartz (AA Ariel/Pink Ray)
  • Carnelian (AA Gabriel/Orange Ray)
  • Blue Quartz (AA Michael/Blue Ray)
  • Green Aventurine (AA Raphael/Green Ray)


Crystal Angel:

  • Stone Varies

Angel Sigil Stones (Set)

SKU: CARE00000003