These genuine, premium quality Amber Tumbled Stones have been hand polished for added shine. Medium-sized, they range in color from golden honey to deep caramel, and many have visible inclusions. A rare find indeed. Add one (or more) to your collection today. Price is per stone. And upon ordering, we'll intuitively select just the right one(s) for you!


A powerful yet gentle healer and cleanser, Amber draws out and transmutes negative energy of all kinds on all levels. Amber aids in physical self-healing, emotional healing of depression, and environmental clearing. Amber opens and cleanses all of the Chakras. Highly protective, Amber also aids in the manifestation of ideas to reality. The life force trapped within Amber promotes fertility, and its protective and environmental clearing properties make it a good stone to use to prepare a healing or birthing room. Use Amber with the Solar Plexus Chakra to increase confidence, mental clarity, and creative self-expression.

Amber Tumbled Stones (Hand Polished)

SKU: TS0000000002